Mark R Magnant


I am committed to providing the best in customer service and I offer professional and friendly assistance to my customers for whatever they may need. I am extremely proud to satisfy one customer after the other. Don't just take my word for it - be sure to read through my customer testimonials, and you'll see why I get constant referrals! All referrals gave permission to be contacted, should you desire. Call me and I will arrange it. Phone 256-539-1084.

I chose your service to begin with because of your father. My husband and he bowled together for many years. Then I figured he was an ok guy, so you would be too. Since the moment you stepped into my house I have felt sure you would take care of all my computer needs, I did not know this would carry over to things like my TV and my ROKU.  You have been very helpful and for that I am grateful. I would be happy to refer you in any way possible.  Best regards, Barbara Clyburn

Mark Magnant is the professional we go to exclusively, for any computer issues. We discovered him in 2007; he was highly recommended to us.  At that time, we had purchased a new pc with an awful operating system. He removed it and installed a better system that worked perfectly for us. Since that time, he has fixed a major malware problem and has always come to our rescue whenever we needed help. His work ethic is outstanding; he will stay and work as long as it takes-on an extremely difficult problem until it is solved, either onsite, or via phone. He built a new computer for us, two years ago. One of the major parts was bad, and he immediately replaced it and ensured all was working correctly, at no extra charge to us. In other words, Mark Magnant is not only a superb professional and extremely knowledgeable, he cares deeply about satisfying his customers

. We trust him completely and are thankful that he is there for us when we need help with our pc.”, --- Ken and Georgia

Dear Mark -

 I wanted to add an extra "thank you" for your help once again for your help with my home computer issues.  You have always been so dependable, punctual and patient with this senior adult in my need for both computer maintenance and needed instruction.  And, not to be taken for granted, all of this is rendered in a professional manner that I also appreciate!  --- SSC, Huntsville, AL

Mark...A great pleasure having your service. Since 2005 you have been very, very reliable. I recommend you to anyone who needs your services. Keep up the excellent service. You are SPECIAL.



Hey, Mark,

Great job.  From designing and explaining the specs to the build, test and install of my new computer, you were fantastic.  Appreciate your professionalism the entire job and your "after the sale" customer service helping with the "tweaking" of the data transfer details.  Anytime you need a reference, let me know. --- Garfield Boon Jr.

"Mark is a very knowledgeable computer expert, both in hardware and software areas. He built a computer for me and I have been pleased with its performance. He is punctual, polite and efficient in his work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any computer issues."- Anita Whitaker

“I would not trust just anyone with my computer.  Mark Magnant is very professional, patient with my questions, polite, and has worked on-site fixing the software issues on my PC for the past 3 years.  I am very satisfied with his service and I highly recommend him.  Martha Montgomery

Mark was referred to me by a friend of a friend. I have never been disappointed with his work and he takes the time and patience to explain things to me that I otherwise wouldn't understand.  He's a very courteous and patient person and stands behind his work.  Would totally recommend him to anyone. Paula Ealy

Hi Mark,  you were right.  Turns out that when the folks from Exede got out here the first thing the tech found wrong based solely on what you told me to tell them was a burned out feed horn on the outside sat antenna.  His statement was, "I don't know how you got any internet?"  Then when I explained other problems turns out the power supply did have a short in the wire where it plugs into the modem. The modem was O.K. just working with a much reduced voltage.  For you info in the cable connection to the outside antenna it appears that water had intruded into the wire and it burned out but not sufficiently that on a dry day we had some signal. Now it has been working for 24 hours and I am so pleased.  Thank you so much for your help. JM